Humans learn better through challenges, motivation and the desire to win through. That is why game based learning is preferred over traditional learning ways. Game based learning is more captivating, attention gaining and enhances retention power of the learner. We develop cost-effective and engaging games, inhibiting monotony and encouraging involvement.

Eduventive’s games are intriguing and challenging, in addition to being educative. These games are developed for people of varied professional background. While designing the game we focus on the learner’s age, educational level and skills as well. Our games are either single player mode or in multi-player mode. At a time 1-30 players could participate in a particular game, depending upon the need of the course.

These games help us achieve:

  • Greater learner attention
  • Higher knowledge retention
  • Alleviation of skills and focus
  • Increased willingness for perfection
  • Competitiveness to be at par with others