We cannot deny that Instructor-led training’s have some unique benefits of their own. Some people feel more comfortable with ILTs as compared to WBTs. Moreover, there are certain courses that can be better communicated through an instructor. Considering all these factors, we incorporated ILT services in our ambit. In addition to ILTs, we extend our services for vILTs as well. All of these courses are customized, as we believe no two courses are same as their need, target audience and instructional goals vary greatly. Rich graphic, coupled with instructionally sound content are carried out in the most engaging way to grab maximum attention from learners and meet the set instructional goals set by our clients.

Our ILT courses have:

Facilitator’s guide: Instructions for the instructor, on how to use the training material.

Training material: Presentation or any other document preferred by the instructor, containing rich graphic and content.

Trainees/participant’s guide: Instructions for the trainees regarding dates, procedure of classes, assignments, tests etc.

Activity Guides: Guide to inter-activities, enabling the learner to engage fully

Assignments/Projects: Questions or activities to taken up by learners, to ensure learning objectives have been met/p>