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If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.
Ignacio Estrada

This has been the founding principle of Eduventive. We want to create an environment via a platform which facilitates fun based serious learning while providing parents and educators deep insights associated with learning curve of children. This platform will provide curriculum and behavior/characteristics oriented learning apps with thorough assessment and analytics which will induce self-paced, adaptive learning and improved engagement of all stakeholders (Parents, Teachers and Students).

A child goes through remarkable mental development during the age of 2-6 and according to psychologist Jean Piaget, children are like little scientists the way they explore, understand and make schema of the world around them. According to him, children go through following four key stages of cognitive development-

  • Sensorimotor stage– From birth to age 2 wherein infants try to make sense of world and their knowledge is limited to sensory perceptions.
  • Preoperational stage– From age 2 to about age 7, this is most crucial stage in child’s development.
  • Concrete operational stage, from age 7 to 11; and
  • Formal operational stage, which begins in adolescence and spans into adulthood

Eduventive’s primary focus would be on Preoperational stage of cognitive development to not only create strong foundation but to make learning a fun-filled process. From there, children would be exposed to various learning apps based on adaptive process of learning.

We will keep coming up with various kind of learning apps and expect your inputs while we make learning fun.

Yogesh Choudhary

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